Yoga Mendocino is currently presenting Take a Breath – a short radio meditation on KZYX on Monday evenings at 8pm.  Tune in to catch a moment of relaxation, mindfulness, or deep breathing at the end of your busy Monday. Jumpstart the rest of the week with this energetic reset.

The Yoga Mendocino board initially brainstormed this idea during the COVID restrictions after the studio closed as a way to keep offering free or affordable ways to meditate to the community and also to provide a valuable tool for coping with what has been an intense and stressful time for most of us.

Our hope is not only to reach those who already have a relaxation, yoga, or meditation practice but also to appeal to those who may never have had an opportunity to meditate or touch base in a deeper way to their inner selves – the part of each of us that knows inherently how to find peace. These clips are accessible to all levels of practitioner and can be done sitting, lying down, gardening, cooking, or anywhere. The short length of them allows listeners to tap into relaxation easily without interruption to their days.

Listed below are a few of these clips to give you a taste of what we’ve created in case you aren’t able to catch them on the radio.

Listen here to ease tension and relieve stress (led by Maggie Norton):


Listen here to increase the flexibility of your thoughts and create more mindfulness (led by Iris Padgett):


Listen here to cultivate deep gratitude and open the heart (led by Eddie Vedolla):


Feel free to let us know what you think and if you have requests for more topics!  We hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more of these clips. We will post the next series after they have aired on KZYX.
From our hearts to yours. Namaste.


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