Yoga Mendocino Volunteer Program

Whether you are a high school student looking for experience for your college application, a college student looking for job experience, a retired person looking for a meaningful way to use your wisdom and skills, or simply want to devote an hour or two per week or month to a worthy cause – we are a fun and rewarding place for you to put in your service.

We have opportunities that range from clerical to more laborious tasks as well as experience learning about marketing, promotion, and mass communication.   Our volunteers are well-loved and appreciated members of our community, and they are vital to the mission of YoMo!

Call 462-2580 or email us at yomo@pacific.net if you are interested.  No experience with yoga is necessary.

Thank you to our current and recent volunteers:  Tom Winters, Lee Pratt, Cindi Barr, Belinda Mobley, Phyllis Webb, Amelia Bernard, Marilyn Zensen, and of course our hands-on board members.

The Yogic Path and Seva

The word Seva in Sanskrit refers to volunteer work or more specifically “selfless service” or even work offered in the name of spirit, the divine, or your version of the highest ideal.

“Seva yoga is usually described as service, but this word does not quite capture the essence of seva. Swami Niranjan has explained that the word seva is made up of two words, ‘saha’ and ‘eva’. Saha means ‘with that’ and eva means ‘too’. The word seva means ‘together with’ and is describing those actions that seek collective upliftment through an understanding of the needs of others and are based on togetherness and integration. Seva is an expression of compassion, of the desire to uplift and assist people.” -Sannyasi Ratnashakti