Tune in to KZYX on Monday evenings at 8pm for Take a Breath – short radio meditation offerings from Yoga Mendocino teachers and community members. Use these brief moments of respite to relax, practice mindfulness, or simply to take a few deeper intentional breaths at the end of your busy Monday. Kickstart the rest of the week with this reset button.

We hear folks say that even though they don’t get the same chances to attend yoga classes in person as before the pandemic, that they need the practice of yoga and meditation now more than ever before. Practicing doesn’t have to be long or take very much time. A few minutes a few times throughout the day can sometimes make all the difference. Hopefully these short meditations will inspire you to find creative ways to make time for soothing and relaxation.

We previously published three of these on our website in a blog post. Here are a few more samples for you:

Listen here to cultivate loving kindness (led by Iris Padgett):


Listen here to experience the touch of the air as breath (led by Maggie Norton):


Listen here to learn a short breathing exercise to ease the nervous system (led by Eddie Vedolla):


Feel free to let us know what you think and if you have requests for more topics!  We hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more of these clips. We will post the next series after they have aired on KZYX.
From our hearts to yours. Namaste.

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