Online Resources

We have collected some of our favorite teachings and resources so far to share with you while we all cope with the anxiety and changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s global cascade of effects. We invite you to take what works for you from this list and leave the rest.

Spiritual Teachings:

Miranda MacPherson’s Sanctuary Page – audio and video teachings

Buddha at the Gas Pump – conversations with a wide variety of ‘spiritually awakening people’

Eckhart Tolle – Break Free from Anxiety and Fear

Eckhart Tolle – Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity

Tara Brach – Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart

Broadcast from 3-14-20 with Adyashanti

Music from Groups or Artists who have visited Yoga Mendocino in the past:

Noctambule – Journey in Place

Jami Sieber – Benediction

Jami Sieber – Hidden Sky

Shantala – Kirtan at Nityananda Institute in Portland

Shantala – Videos of Songs and Chants

Somaesthetics – Nature Images and Sounds for Contemplation

Jamie McHugh – Breathing Room Series Nature Images and Sound

Non-Yoga Organizations:

Healthy Mendocino