What a wild ride we have all endured over the past couple of years through this pandemic and during a world and time full of uncertainty and friction. We hope that you have all made it through with heart and some amount of equanimity.

The Yoga Mendocino Board has recently – sadly – decided that it’s time to permanently dissolve the organization as of June 30, 2022. Our future has been somewhat uncertain for several years and became even more so after the California Assembly Bill 5 passed and after COVID-19 caused us to close our physical studio space. At this point, finances aside, there simply aren’t enough people with enough energy stepping forward to sustain it.

Every one of you and your contributions of volunteer energy, time, donations, and participation in our events and classes have played a vital part in keeping us going for so many years and keeping us able to provide yoga to a variety of different abilities and groups that may have never encountered the teachings otherwise. And we have continued to provide free meditation and some occasional workshops during the COVID era thanks to your support. We are infinitely grateful to each of you for being members of our yoga family for so long.

We will use our remaining money to fund current minimal administrative costs until June and then donate the remaining funds (if any) to a different non-profit (to be decided). Mary Paffard, Maggie Norton, and Amelia Bernard will continue teaching independently as usual.

Stay tuned for an invitation to a Celebration of Life for Yoga Mendocino. We will have food and music and will likely have props to give away. And please join us May 15 12-2pm at Rivino Winery for a final YoMo-hosted workshop with Mary Paffard – Yoga Magic

With gratitude, tenderness, and excitement to see what may grow from these ashes,

The Yoga Mendocino Board
Maggie Norton, Susan Baird, Cathy Monroe, Carolyn Welch, and Iris Padgett