Class Descriptions

We are happy to help you select the class that is most appropriate for you. Feel free to call or email us, or just drop by. If you have questions about a class you are currently enrolled in, please contact your instructor.

  • Active Hatha- A steady-paced balanced practice of more than the basics for mixed levels. A variety of poses to cultivate strength, stability, flexibility, and relaxation.

  • Adaptive/Gentle- Gentle class to improve posture, balance, and strength as well as to ease chronic pain, stress, injuries, or limited mobility.  Adapted to suit your needs.

  • Basics- For beginners, continuing beginners and those returning to yoga after a break. Fundamentals of poses and breath. Strengthen and stretch the body and mind with simple, elegant, and effective techniques to help you deepen your breathing, enliven your spirit, and add a dimension of joy to movement and stillness.

  • Crystal Bowl Meditation Half Happy Hour- A short guided meditation and a crystal bowl “bath.” Ends with a moment of silence and reflection. Donation-based. Perfect alternative “happy hour” activity to end your day.

  • Forrest Yoga Basics w/Modifications-  A “gentler” version of a level 1 Forrest class, the sequences in this Forrest Yoga Basics class minimize getting up and down yet maintain the integrity of Forrest Yoga. Classes are designed to be gentle on the knees and wrists by skipping high plank and low lunge; other modifications are available making this class accessible to everyBODY! All ages, all injuries welcome. Not easy per se, but accessible.

  • Forrest Yoga Level 1-  This class will be similar to the Forrest Yoga Basics class with additional downward dog and plank poses – a step up from Basics.

  • Forrest Yoga Level 1 & 2- Forrest yoga has clear cues, intelligent sequencing, deep core work and hands-on assists. Known for both its intensity and capacity to heal, it doesn’t require strength or flexibility; only a willingness to feel authentically and respond honestly. Designed by Ana Forrest to address modern day issues, all Forrest yoga classes begin with wrist stretches, setting an intent and pranayama. Level 1/2 class will build strength, balance and keep your joints lubricated! Expect variations and fun, Sun salutations, warrior 1 & 2, bridge, dolphin, arm-balances, inversions and more.

  • Meditation- Donation-based sitting group open to everyone. No experience necessary. Guided or silent meditation followed by a talk and time for Q and A.  Most meditations are facilitated by Buddhist monastics and lay-people from the Buddhist community.

  • Power Flow Yoga –Power flow is an upbeat, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. A revitalizing, powerful class that will leave you feeling stronger physically and clearer mentally. All levels in nature, with the option for more challenging and advanced asanas and transitions.

  • Prenatal Sessions- Join other expecting mamas as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.  Connecting the body with the breath, this prenatal yoga class will support you during this deeply transitional time and guide you to feel empowered on your unique birth journey.  Classes include yoga, breath work, meditation and community. No prior yoga experience necessary.

  • Postpartum/Mommy and Me Sessions–Dedicate the time to nourish and care for your new mama self in postpartum yoga.  Connect with the breath, strengthen the body, tune into the pelvic floor and reintegrate the core.  The babies will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while mamas drop into the rhythm of moving meditation.  Join this class for yoga, community, meditation, breath, empowerment and connection to your baby. No prior yoga experience necessary. Babies of all ages welcome.

  • Qi Gong- Ancient Chinese movement and meditation practice that is relaxing and revitalizing. Simple to learn and low impact – reduces stress, relieves pain, increases your energy. Most movement is done standing, and no previous experience is necessary.

  • Sunday Blessings- Class starts with soft roller massage, focusing on lymphatics and connective tissue as well as strengthening abdominal obliques & transverses for spinal/lumbar alignment. This is followed by 1, 3, 5 or 7 traditional South India Sun Salutes. An ending restorative practice attends to parasympathetic nervous system -rest, recover, renew, tend & befriend and create PEACE in body/brain/being. Class design deviates when individuals have specific requests.

  • Vinyasa Flow – This is a class suitable for all levels. Beginning with delicious warm ups and pranayama (breathing techniques and practices) we will continually build towards a peak pose. Through energetic progressions of asanas (poses) coordinated with the breath, your body and mind will leave feeling both relaxed and pleasantly energized.

  • Yin Yoga – This Yin style class offers a relaxed and peaceful approach to stretch the body’s connective tissue. While most yoga practices in the west, tend to be more Yang and focus on muscles, Yin yoga, focuses on the fascia, and all the interconnected web of connective tissues and fibers. These form our joints, encase our muscles and retain our bodies overall tightness. This practice involves deep meditation while learning to relax the muscles that may engage in certain positions, in order to stay longer in each one. This allows for the stretch to go beyond the muscle and into the connective tissues. The poses or asanas are held for longer periods of time, while still linked to breath. This Yin style class is perfect for any beginner who would like to set their own pace, as well as anyone with years of practice looking to deepen the flexibility within the body and the mind. Yin yoga is an excellent practice for healthy body function and overall self discovery.

  • Yoga for Arthritis- Gentle class to alleviate pain & stiffness in both joints and muscles. Improve posture, balance and strength, decrease joint wear and tear and create greater ease of movement. Great for those who have arthritis and those who simply want to focus on taking care of their joints.

  • Yoga for Spine and Sleep- Focuses on connective tissue & spine positions by using ‘soft rollers’ & PC spine support rollers. Anthropological & anatomical information enhance the sessions.  An intriguing and surprising combination of a fascinating anatomy lesson and a delicious full-body massage.

  • Yoga for the People- A combination of ASANAS (yoga postures), MOVEMENT including Mudra (hand positions), BREATH WORK including anti-aging and healing, deep breathing techniques that open the meridians, the energy channels of the body, SACRED SOUND (mathematical music) including Mantra (voice vibration), GUIDED MEDITATION (Nidra) along with crystal bowl sound healing. YOGA FOR THE PEOPLE is yoga that activates the body’s self-healing powers, relieves stress, improves mental focus, boosts creativity and creates lasting health and energy. See more here.