Yoga Mendocino is a yoga-based community non-profit organization in Ukiah, CA.

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We offer occasional virtual and in-person yoga and meditation workshops for all levels, recommendations for classes and teachers, inspiring information, and a variety of resources to help you find the sanctuary within you. Enjoy!


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Improve your strength, posture, flexibility, balance, and overall health.


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Increase your mental focus, psychological flexibility, and concentration.


The Poetry of Yoga – Reflections from Maggie Norton

The Poetry of Yoga – Reflections from Maggie Norton

I have always found poetry to offer me an almost magical combination of insight, inspiration, and clarity - helping me to pause, shift my perspective, and breathe. A mindful yoga practice has similar benefits for the mind and heart (not to mention the body!). I find...

Second Round of YoMo Mini-Meditations on KZYX

Second Round of YoMo Mini-Meditations on KZYX

Tune in to KZYX on Monday evenings at 8pm for Take a Breath – short radio meditation offerings from Yoga Mendocino teachers and community members. Use these brief moments of respite to relax, practice mindfulness, or simply to take a few deeper intentional breaths at...

Yoga Mendocino on KZYX: Listen to Take a Breath

Yoga Mendocino on KZYX: Listen to Take a Breath

Yoga Mendocino is currently presenting Take a Breath - a short radio meditation on KZYX on Monday evenings at 8pm.  Tune in to catch a moment of relaxation, mindfulness, or deep breathing at the end of your busy Monday. Jumpstart the rest of the week with this...

SATYA – Reflections on Truth, Climate, and Yoga

SATYA – Reflections on Truth, Climate, and Yoga

This excerpt has been adapted from Mary’s writings for her Moving Forward - For the Love of the Earth program, a program to practice yoga in an ecological context. Satya – the second Yama or ethical precept in Yoga, usually translated as truth, honesty, clarity....

Who are we? What Is Yoga Mendocino Now?

Who are we? What Is Yoga Mendocino Now?

In March 2020, Yoga Mendocino was on the threshold of rolling out several changes that we hoped would nudge us into a more financially sustainable territory. Yoga teacher Amelia Bernard spearheaded a beautiful new logo design with alluring colors. The Community...

Yoga Mendocino Events & Workshops

Blessings & Bellies - FREE Thanksgiving Yoga


10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Thursday,  November 25, 2021

With Mary Paffard. As part of a long standing tradition at Yoga Mendocino, we will meet for a simple yoga practice of appreciation, with a particular focus on the lower belly and digestive area! Whether you are fasting or feasting, you may enjoy a practice that will open the body and breath, explore the abdominal area in basic accessible poses, and both calm and enliven your being. Annually we have met, often 3 generations in the same class, as visitors and friends join regular yogis and share our gratitude for this magnificent art of yoga and all the other blessings in our lives! Read more...

About Yoga Mendocino

Yoga Mendocino is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge and practice of yoga and other activities related to physical and spiritual well-being in Mendocino County, CA and beyond by offering resources, education, and learning opportunities in the context of encouragement and inspiration. We support diversity and inclusivity.  We are a resource for spiritual and emotional solace and recharging. 



Maggie Norton

Iris Padgett, LMFT

Deborah Phillips

Amelia Bernard



Sara Shepherd

Yoga Mendocino you will always have a special space in my heart. I came to YOMO after being Burned over 60% of my body in the Redwood Valley/Potter Valley 2017 Wildfires. I was grief stricken and did not recognize my new body. My Spirit was struggling. Through Yomo, I can stand today with my face to the Sun.

My aches drastically lessened. I breathe easier. I have found community and a safe haven to experience life. Legs that once struggled to stand feel grounded and strong.

Mike Lloyd

I’ve met kind and supportive people, both in the meditation sessions and yoga classes. When I started at YoMo I was very bitter and cynical about almost everything. To tell the truth, I secretly perceived meditation and yoga as self-centered and self-indulgent.

But I have received so much by now that has exponentially enabled me to give to others, like I never knew how to do before. For that, I am infinitely grateful.

Lisa Vance

I have so much in my heart and soul that my words just can’t begin to describe. Yoga Mendocino reaches out into our community, and I am one of the many individuals who loves, appreciates, respects, and cherishes this blessing.

I’m exhausted in every way on my own roller coaster ride of this year 2020 and I am also automatically applying so many of the tools I have learned through YoMo.

Noelle Austin

Yoga Mendocino is a beautiful, humble space equipped with props for all body types and needs. I got to try Integrative Therapeutic Yoga with Julia Landis, Yoga for Spine and Sleep with Darca Nicholson, and Intermediate/Advanced Hatha with Iris Padgett.

Each teacher was unique, genuine, and welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and will be back when I’m in town.

Dorsey Manogue

I started my yoga practice 5 years ago after my husband of 33 years died suddenly in his sleep. I was looking for a place to de-stress, hoping to be able to sleep…I never realized what it would do for my entire life. It definitely improved those issues,but also helped w/ so much more ie, strength, flexibility, balance.

I’ve made new friends, reconnected w/ old ones and traveled “across the pond” all in a more centered, grounded way.