Your Amazing Psoas

Saturday, April 25 from 1-4pm with Cator Shachoy

The psoas is integral to sitting, standing, walking, moving… all of our daily activities. It’s involved in both forward and backward bending, connects upper and lower bodies, and plays a special role in the pelvis, back, ribs, and breathing. Starting at the lower ribs and ending at the top of the thigh, psoas covers a lot of terrain. We could say it’s like a road that starts in the plains, crosses over the mountains, desert, hills… and ends by the sea. Intriguingly, psoas is influenced by how we feel. When we feel threatened, psoas contracts. When we are at ease, psoas relaxes and lengthens. And no two psoas are alike – even within your own body.

Given the complexity of this muscle, it’s worthwhile to take a little time to get to know it. Class will include in depth investigation of this essential muscle through experiential anatomy, yoga poses, pranayama, breath awareness. Accessible to all.

Cator Shachoy began the practices of yoga, Buddhist meditation, and energy healing in 1990 to heal chronic illness. Through the regular practice of these disciplines, she recovered her strength and vitality. For Cator, spiritual growth and development is a healing path inviting us to become more intimate with everything. Her practices of Buddhism, Energy Healing, Yoga and conscious body movement are deeply integrated. Cator is a CIAYT yoga therapist, YACEP instructor, Mindfulness teacher and Visionary Craniosacral work practitioner. She completed teacher training at the Iyengar Inst of SF and Kripalu. Her primary meditation teachers are Ajahn Pasanno and Ruth Denison.

Cost:  $45 Advance registration or $50 at the workshop.