“Yoga On The Wings of Cello” Retreat Day

Sunday April 14th

Yoga, Breath and Live Music with Jami Sieber and Maggie Norton.

This unique workshop is an invitation to connect with the hum of aliveness, ease and spaciousness of your body, mind and heart. A perfect blend of yoga poses, movement, relaxation and inner reflection with Jami’s timeless, transformative music.

“Maggie and Jami create an atmosphere that supports and deepens your practice. Maggie will guide you through a delightful mix of yoga poses, movement, relaxation and inner reflection accompanied by Jami’s timeless, transformative live music. The tones and multiple layers of Jami’s cello resonate with the body’s natural rhythms, encouraging natural movement, breath and presence with every note.”

“This expertly guided journey into sound and movement, stillness and silence has brought me to a deeper experience of yoga, a fuller experience of being really alive and present!”

All levels of yoga or meditation experience welcome.
Space is limited.  $75-$100 sliding scale.

(Jami Sieber is also presenting a multi-media concert focusing on human connection with elephants on Saturday evening prior to this retreat – details here!)

To inquire if space is still available for this event, please email Maggie Norton at maggie@yogamendocino.org.


“In Jami Sieber’s hands, the cello becomes a statement for longing and freedom, for unbridled expression, and a prayer to tenderness that encompasses every emotion.”               Lloyd Barde, Music Editor – Common Ground Magazine

Electric cellist and vocalist Jami Sieber reaches inside the soul with compositions that are contemporary, timeless, lush, and powerfully evocative. An innovative musician, Jami’s music moves beyond the surface, seeking and re-seeking her truth by creating musical bridges and connections. Her life-long commitment to the environment, social justice, and the healing arts is at the heart of her music, reflecting a deep dedication to the arts as a medium of exploration and awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.

Jami has always done something unique – employing electronics and looping techniques to create sounds never before associated with the cello she transforms her solo instrument into an orchestra of sound that opens the heart, defies the mind, and at times, sets the body dancing.

Jami’s musical path moved from classical to folk, to rock/pop where within her popular band “Rumors of the Big Wave”, she garnered the coveted Northwest Area Music Association (NAMA) Award for Best Rock Instrumentalist. Since launching her solo career Sieber has entered into dynamic collaborations with an extraordinary spectrum of dancers, poets, visual artists, improvisers (Rhiannon) vocalists (Ferron, Jennifer Berezan), and instrumentalists that span the globe. Her compositions have been used for film, (PBS American Masters: Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning (2014), Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (2013), Queen of the Sun (2010)) dance, (Facing East Dance Collective, Equus Projects) and the popular video gameBraid.

In 2001 Sieber was invited to Thailand to compose the music for a film about the plight of the Asian Elephant and to perform with the Thai Elephant Orchestra, a group of elephants at a conservation center trained to play instruments. Sieber was so moved and inspired by the experience that she became an advocate for the endangered animals. Since 2008 Jami has been leading tours in N. Thailand focusing on Asian Elephant care and conservation. 2020 will be her last year leading tours. In celebration of all that the Thai elephants and humans have given her, Jami will be showing images and film footage for a portion of the concert as she performs music from her recording “Hidden Sky,” a recording inspired by her time with elephants.