Yoga for Jaw Tension

Yoga  for Jaw Tension
With Cator Shachoy
Saturday, July 15 from 1-4pm

Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night?  This workshop is for you!

Jaw Tension and TMJ or TMD—Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction—is a very common, and often painful condition.  There are few options for treatment beyond being fitted for a night guard by your dentist.

In this workshop you will learn the causes and repercussions of TMJ, simple self-massage techniques to relax the face and jaw, mindfulness practices, and a yoga sequence that can bring relief.  This is a unique approach developed from working with more than 100 clients over many years.

*Jaw Tension can be a factor in many conditions including headaches, sinusitis, sciatica, digestive and hormonal disorders. Come and learn why this is so and how to bring relief.

Cator Shachoy is a certified yoga instructor and is a certified practitioner of Visionary Craniosacral Bodywork through the Milne Institute. Cator has taught Yoga & mindfulness meditation to both adults and youth in SF since 1995, and has a private practice of Craniosacral Bodywork working with adults, children, & infants:

Cator is available for private sessions of craniosacral bodywork & yoga on Sunday, July 16. Please contact her for scheduling at

Cost:  $45 Advance registration or $50 at the workshop.  Register below, by mail, or by phone.

“I, like many, have grindy-teeth jaw tension. Two years ago I got to take Cator’s Jaw & Teeth Grinding clinic. The take-away for me was how I could safely massage away some of the tension. That was great. But even better than the clinic, for me, was Cator’s cranial sacral massage/treatment. That treatment gave me relief more than I can explain. If you have jaw tension and you have time for an appointment with Cator, I highly recommend you take advantage of her visit here.” – Margot Winters