The Way of Grace with Miranda Macpherson

October 4th 7:30pm Satsang

October 5th 10am – 5pm
Retreat Day

You are invited to join spiritual teacher and author Miranda Macpherson for an Evening Satsang (Friday 4 Oct) and a Retreat Day (Saturday 5 Oct) based on her latest book ‘The Way of Grace’ (
This is a wonderful opportunity to be guided by Miranda to end your struggle of living in fear and separation through the practice of Ego Relaxation.

Even if we have tasted moments of freedom, many of us struggle to live each day truly aligned with our spiritual beliefs. The Way of Grace is an invitation to authentic spiritual surrender and non-dual realization based on the practice of Ego Relaxation—learning to relax the consciousness of fear and control, so you can truly be present and undefended with what is.
Living with Grace is a saner, wiser, more spiritually elegant way of being in the world. The Way of Grace reconnects you to the living presence that you are, bringing boundless love, clarity, peace, joy, and freedom.
You will return home from your time with Miranda with insights and practices you need to move beyond fear and judgment, so you can cultivate patience, humility, and trust, and become the embodiment of Grace in your life.

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor, and author of The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation and Boundless Love, Meditations on Boundless Love (an audiobook). She has been teaching internationally since 1995 and is known for her depth of presence and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.
Miranda’s work is a synthesis of self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion, and meditation practice offered with feminine grace that embraces the totality of our human experience as a gateway into the depths of our true nature.

Evening Satsang   Friday October 4
7:30 pm    $15 in advance/ $20 at the door
Day-Long Retreat   Saturday October 5
10am – 5pm   $80 in advance/ $90 at the door
Pre-registration encouraged: online, by phone (707.462.2580), at YoMo or at Mendocino Book Co.

Find out more at or visit her YouTube channel to experience her transmission and teachings –


Miranda Macpherson