The Chakra System, a Map of the Human Bio-computer

Special Yoga series with Romina Crespo: The Chakra System, a Map of the Human Bio-computer!


Fridays at 10am from June 29 to August 10.
$80 or use your class pass.

Join anytime!  All levels are invited to this special class.


Through asana, breath and meditation, we will explore our energy centers and how they relate to our physical and psychological bodies.

Class I:  Chakra System and Series overview
Class II: Mulhadhara- Root Center – “I am”
Class III: Svadhistana- Sacral Center- “I feel”
Class IV: Manipura- Solar Plexus Center- “I will”
Class V:Anahata- Heart Center- “I love”
Class VI: Vissudha- Throat Center- “I speak”
Class VII: Ajna- Third eye Center –  “ I see” and Sahasrara- Crown Center- “ I know”