Stretch Intensive and Fascia Training for Mobility

with Kristian Turan
Naturopathic Pain Relief Practitioner from Germany

Saturday, February 16, 2019  1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Everyone has heard that stretching is good for the body. Due to lack of stretching and modern lifestyles there are tensions in the muscles that can add up with time and lead to movement restriction and even pain.

But how do you stretch correctly? What do you have to consider? When should you stretch and when not? How long should you stretch?. ..all very important questions to consider.

In this 3.5-hour intensive seminar you will learn how to stretch correctly – to relax the muscles and also how to prevent injuries. You will learn to address all major muscle groups in your new stretching routine. You will receive PDF files download of everything covered in class, so you don’t forget them and can practice them at home.

These stretching exercises are athletic – please bring a towel and enough to drink.

Cost:  $60.00 pre-paid or $65.00 at the door. Includes the PDF files download.

Register online or by calling us or coming to the studio.

“Kris Turan has been a yoga student of mine this past year and has shared a few of his novel stretch techniques with me. I found them energic and effective, definitely a different way to approach stretching than what I am used to. As a teacher, Kris is a clear and caring communicator. I would encourage anyone wishing to experience a new way of stretching to sign up for this workshop.”  – Peggy Agnew

A message from Kris:

“My name is Kristian Turan and I am a German “Heilpraktiker” – a naturopath – similar to the American “Naturopathic Doctor,” although I am not a Doctor.

I had my practice for 9 years in a suburb of the city of Stuttgart in the southwest of Germany and I have specialized in pain therapy from the very beginning.

I have a whole “toolbox” of therapies to treat any kind of pain in the body from top to toe with about 90 – 95% success. This includes e.g. the trigger point therapy, dry needling, neural therapy, fdm – a special fascial release, ear acupuncture, cupping, injections and infusions with vitamins, minerals and homeopathic drugs, teaching to stretch the body correctly, consultations about detoxing the body, correct dieting, stress release and also some diagnostic methods like iridology and blood testing.

In the past 6-7 years I found my “Golden Way” in the combination of chiropractic and the myofascial pain therapy. This combination releases the pain for most patients within 3-5 treatments – and the pain usually doesn’t come back. I’ve seen patients recover after years or even decades of suffering, that you can only describe as miracles.

Having experienced this in my every day work, I started to teach this myofascial pain therapy to my colleagues, physiotherapists and massage therapists in 2015, because even in Germany this therapy is still not known and practiced everywhere.

At the end of 2017 I decided to start travelling the world and to teach the myofascial pain therapy in other countries than just in Germany.

Along with this pain therapy comes a system of therapeutic stretches for the entire body. These were developed to give to the patients after the treatments as a kind of “homework,” so they can keep their body relaxed and pain free.

Because these stretches are so very effective, I started to teach them in workshops to other interested people, not just to my patients. So far, I only had positive feedback from the participants and that’s why I continue offering these workshops.

I hope you will enjoy it too.”