Sound Healing

Friday, March 20 from 7 – 8:30pm with Barbara Juniper
Back by popular demand!

Musician, songwriter, sound healer, and vocalist, Barbara Juniper has used sound, voice and music as a healing path for over twenty years. Bringing together her love of music and harmony, her understanding of the healing power of sound and her devotion to the awakened heart, Barbara’s voice is a vehicle for the powerful transmission of the open, loving heart. “For me, all of life is music. Every thought, emotion and action has a timbre, tone and frequency. We are the composers of our own song, our own symphony, as it were. As we join in harmony with others and with the planet, we heal all that is begging for love.” Barbara lives in Marin County where she has a private sound healing and spiritual mentoring practice. She has performed and participated in multiple sound healing events around the San Francisco bay.

“[Barbara] so beautifully articulates the effect sound has on our physical and subtle bodies. She speaks to how we were formed in utero and how hearing and our nervous system developed together.
She does a lot of experiential exercises. Her sound baths are amazing with 25 to 30 instruments on her ‘mesa.’” 
– Karla Downing

$30 in advance. $35 at the door.