Thoughts of Gratitude

Many of our students sent warm messages to us when they learned that the physical studio would be closing. 

Lillian Cohn: I feel so very sad & other emotions that I have yet to identify. You have been an essential part of my healing, health & well being for many years. I will eagerly await the next chapter.

John McCowen: Such a beautiful space with such positive energy that nurtured the health and well being of our community. The State needs to adopt guidelines and then let businesses, organizations and people decide if they are comfortable operating within those guidelines.

Marcos Pereda: So sorry. A beautiful place for yoga

Jenna Mammina: Honored to be a part of the HerStory! Thank you for inviting me…

Jennifer Murphy Seward: I’m heartbroken. I hope when the day comes to possibly return you give us the opportunity to help reopen. Thank you all for providing a wonderful space for so many years.

Mark Voelker: I am so sorry to see this but feel so blessed to have been able to practice here, if only twice. The first practice in 2018, being the only one who showed up and receiving a personal class during the midst of the County and Pawnee Fires that brought me to town was unforgettable.

Cator Shachoy: I’m so sorry to hear this. YOMO is an important community resource supporting many. Wishing you much success with the online portal

Karen Lee: Thank you for creating such a restful, peaceful space for our community to enjoy. So sorry to see you go

Kathy Brigham: A sad day. I will miss that beautiful studio. But hope springs eternal

Adrienne Simpson: I’m so sorry to read this

Milli Hickey: I am very saddened to hear this. It is a great loss to the community. My heart is heavy.

Mauri Fox: This is such a huge loss for me and our whole community.
I have loved practicing yoga in that beautiful space.

Judy Corwin:
Such a huge loss, personally, and for our entire community. I started taking Maggie’s classes soon after the studio opened. It has been a consistent and beautiful part of my life. I will miss this beautiful space that, besides consistent yoga classes, has held so many wonderful events. (And, I will miss my weekly time with my dear teacher and friend even more.)

I understand the need for this hard decision, but will surely miss the lovely studio and onsite yoga classes with many friends.  Thank you, Maggie and thanks to all of the YoMo teachers who have been such a gift to our community! I look forward to the next phase with YoMo online.

Mia Miller:
Oh!! I’m sorry to see the studio go! What a sanctuary you all created there. You will be missed.

Dorsey Manogue:
I too, will sorely miss Yoga In that fabulous space, it, and you Maggie, were wonderful finds exactly when I needed it.
I’m hoping to connect on Zoom in the future, maybe we’ll just have to plan more trips to do yoga in beautiful spaces.

Jill Rayna Lippit:
So sad to see this wonderful community resource come to an end. Thanks to all who created and sustained YoMo over these many years, and to you, Maggie, for your vision.