Outreach Programs

Yoga Mendocino prides itself on making positive changes within the community. We not only offer our regular classes and workshops, but also provide activities related to spiritual and physical well-being, at no cost to the groups and individuals most in need of them.

Manzanita Peer Support Wellness & Care Management Services: 

Yoga Mendocino provides a 1 hour free stress-relief yoga class to clients of Manzanita Services, a  non-profit organization serving those living with mental health challenges. The class is open to the public for anyone experiencing emotional and behavioral health challenges. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome including beginners and students with special needs.  Mats are provided onsite by YoMo. Classes are drop-in and can be started at any time. This class is currently taught by YoMo instructor, Deborah Phillips.

 “Yoga Mendocino generously sponsors a weekly yoga class at Manzanita Services, a major provider of behavioural and mental health, care management, therapeutic, and recovery services in Mendocino County.  The participants in this weekly Stretch and Relax class often neither have the financial or even internal resources available to attend a class at a regular studio, and this sponsorship enables them to discover new ways of perceiving themselves and the world, finding places of sanctuary in their own minds and bodies, and experimenting with coping in healthier ways.
Mindfulness and other meditative strategies are playing a larger and larger role in mainstream physical and mental health care all over the world, and Yoga Mendocino plays a leading edge, local part in linking the array of benefits from the world of yoga to the world of health. The demand, particularly in Mendocino County, for more mental health care services calls for creative and innovative solutions. Yoga and meditation could be important parts of those answers.” 

-Iris Padgett, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor for Manzanita Services, Inc.

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Juvenile Hall:

The primary function of the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall is to provide for the physical and emotional care of incarcerated youth in Mendocino County. The weekly yoga classes provided by Yoga Mendocino are attended by a mixture of both boys and girls. The population rotates regularly as youth enter the program and are released. The classes are totally voluntary, so participants have the choice to join in or not and are free to leave the class at any point with the permission of the guards present. Classes are typically standard beginning level Yoga classes with an introduction to yoga philosophy and lifestyle, as well. This program is currently taught by YoMo instructor, Deborah Phillips and paid for by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department.

New Path –  Yoga Class for the Previously Incarcerated 

A supportive introductory yoga class for the previously incarcerated. This class will provide a safe supportive environment, where women can continue to learn about yoga, reflect on their lives, develop a personal practice and encourage one another.

Classes start April and run until June.

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Scholarship Program

There are a multitude of benefits and therapeutic advantages to practicing yoga. To remain true to our vision of  promoting physical and spiritual well-being within the community Yoga Mendocino supports a scholarship program that allow low-income students and those affected by cancer and mental illness to attend classes at the studio for free or at a discounted rate.


Prenatal and Postpartum Classes

Yoga Mendocino offers a comprehensive program and partnership with Bloom Waterbirth & Wellness Center that offers prenatal and postpartum yoga classes for new moms.

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We are able provide scholarship assistance and community outreach programs through a combination of class income, donations, Sustaining Memberships and fundraising. It is with the support of our community that we are able to continue thriving as a non-profit organization. Please consider giving a donation or becoming a Sustaining Member. Click Here to learn more.

You can also support our yoga community by volunteering. We always welcome an extra set helping hands.

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