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In light of recent events, we feel especially called to let our community know that we are a place for spiritual and emotional solace and recharging.  We aim to be a safe and loving place for people from all walks of life.  If you need soothing or self-care or inspiration to take your own version of right action, please use us as a home base.  Feel free to call the office if you need extra assistance finding a place of comfort, and let us know if you need financial assistance for our classes.

Yoga Mendocino is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge and practice of yoga and other activities related to physical and spiritual well-being in Mendocino County by offering education and training in an atmosphere of encouragement and inspiration.  We have a wide-reaching community of students, volunteers, teachers, and friends, and membership donations and fundraising helps keep our doors open and our outreach programs healthy.

We provide scholarship assistance and community outreach, and we raise funds in order to continue thriving as a non-profit organization.  You can support Yoga Mendocino in many ways. A sustaining membership provides us with an annual gift of support. You can also support our yoga community by volunteering: we always need help setting up for and cleaning up at events. We would love to have some more volunteers for distributing our posters throughout the community. Do you like to write? Perhaps you could help with event publicity?

Your membership donation helps give Yoga Mendocino the economic stability it needs to provide a breadth of offerings to inland Mendocino County. Membership fees, which are tax-deductible, still begin as low as $60 per year―just $5 a month.

We believe that YoMo – the people, the programs and the place – makes a unique and important contribution to our community. In addition to providing yoga classes for all levels, including therapeutic yoga, relaxation, and meditation, we also bring a variety of guest lectures, uplifting music, and wellness programs to our community. To make what we offer as affordable as possible, we keep our fees reasonable and offer scholarships and reduced fees for students and those under 18, as well as a sliding scale for many events.

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Become a Sustaining Member or Make a Donation Online

Our donation structure:

$5/month ($60/year)
$10/month ($120/year)
$20/month ($240/year)
$50/month ($600/year)
$________/month or _____/year

We also appreciate one time donations. If our classes have touched your life, consider making a donation to help pass that energy forward. We are grateful for any donation, not matter how small or large.

Every non-profit needs financial support in order to survive. Even the simplest of organizations have expenses: tax returns, web sites, legal filings, office supplies, rent and more. If our classes or one of our guest teachers have touched your life, consider making a donation to help pass that energy forward. We are grateful for any donation, not matter how small or large. Namaste.

Gratitude to our 2017 Sustaining Members:
Svetlana Artemoff, Susan Baird & Benj Thomas, Alexa Baldwin, Kathie Bell, Phyllis Bluestein, Elaine Boults, Gary & Cynthia Burica, Gina Campbell, Anne Caviglia, Robert Clark, Lillian Cohn, Julie Cokeley, Renee Comte, Judy Corwin, Denise Doering, Karla Downing, Virginia Fagan, Barbara Francis, Judith Fuente & Dave Nelson, Cassie Gibson, Susan & Herschel Gordon, Sheryl Greene, Ann Hershberger, Brenda Hoek, Jan Hoyman, Eileen Husted, Marilyn Katzel, Clint Kelly, Nancy Kozak, Betty Lacy, Leslie Lind, Sandra Linn, Linda Malone, Lorelie Manix, Scott Miller, Belinda Mobley, Cathrine Monroe, Ellen   Morris, Linda Nagel, Alan Nicholson, Maggie Norton, Maureen O’Hagan Steed, Ginger Powell, Lee Pratt, Meredyth Reinhard, Lilli Rice, Katarzyna Rolzinski, Catherine Rosoff, Susan Rounds, Michael & Sharon   Shapiro, Libby Uhuru, Suzanne Walsh, Virginia Waters, Phyllis Webb, Tom  Winters, Brad & Marilyn Zensen