Meditations for Awakening Consciousness

An Intro to the Five Elements Process
Talk & Meditation with Sarah Garne

Awaken your divine channels with the 5 Elements of Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Air—the five pillars of Creation. In the Five Elements Process TM you ‘charge’ your soul with the energy of each Element through specific mantra meditation processes. Charging purifies the element in you and heals you. Once you are charged with that element you can then use it to heal others.

Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily.

Through awakening an individual’s connection to the five elements their direct personal relationship with the Divine is awakened and developed. All miracles happen through the five element’s energy. This is an intro to the Five Elements which is a foundational course of the teachings of Swami Kaleshwar and the beginning of the deep adventure into advanced healing channels.

You need the keys to unlock the power inside you. The keys are in the immortal knowledge given millions of years ago by Mother Divine to the seven ancient sages, the saptarishis. Until now, it has only been given to a few. The South Indian saint and avatar, Sri Kaleshwar (1973 – 2012) revealed this ancient knowledge to his students during his lifetime to awaken souls and uplift humanity. Now it is available to everyone. This knowledge is about supernatural empowerment. It is necessary, now is the time that humanity is taking a huge evolutionary leap, waking up and coming out of the darkness.

In this introduction to the Five Elements TM process, you will learn more about the qualities and benefits of the Five Elements of nature, experience a group meditation with a healing mantra; as well as discover ways to decharge and recharge your energy and to create and maintain more peace, happiness and clarity in your life. Sarah will offer shaktipat, a divine energy transmission that awakens consciousness, during the meditation.

The Full Five Elements TM training begins in Summer 2019.

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A longtime healer and meditation teacher in Southern California now living in Mendocino County, CA. Sarah shares Divine Energy Soul Healing known as Sai Shakti Healing at her healing spaces in Ukiah and Willits, and at a distance via Skype or telephone; and teaches mantra, meditation and healing from the lineage of her spiritual teacher, Sri Kaleshwar (1973 – 2012), a renowned saint and avatar from Penukonda, South India. In this time of great challenges, there is a beautiful opportunity for awakening and remembering. Sarah is inspired, and hopes to inspire others, to live with love and reverence for the Divine Feminine and all creatures with the deep knowing we are all connected and are aspects of the Divine Mother. It’s an important and beautiful timing to begin or continue a practice to awaken and heal ourselves and help uplift others and the planet.