Jamie McHugh

Bringing Spirit into Form: The Moving Art of Breathing and Sounding

With Jamie McHugh @ Yoga Mendocino, Ukiah   October 26, 1-5pm

$50 pre-registered by October 20; $60 after

Breath is the primary mover of the body; vocalization is breath vibrated and expressed; and movement is breath made visible. These three elements create permeability in our structure so we can access more fluidity in our movement intelligence.

In this workshop, a progressive series of breath and vocalization resources drawn from Continuum, Taoist medicine, and other traditions are explored and woven together in a dynamic rhythm of movement and stillness to awaken our senses, soften our minds, and fortify our hearts.

This simple, diverse menu of resources can inform and expand your own contemplative movement practice by combining shapings of the breath with bodily structure – bringing spirit into form.

The Moving Art of Breathing & Sounding has been shared with groups around the world for the past 15 years, and has been of particular interest to yoga, dance, and movement teachers of all types, as well as to people on the path of creative and sustainable embodiment.

Jamie McHugh, RSMT is an interdisciplinary artist and somatic movement specialist living on the Mendocino coast. He has been teaching movement-based work internationally for 40 years, and is committed to creating accessible, inclusive, and nourishing somatic-expressive practices for re-wilding the body, decolonizing the mind and restoring the spirit. Jamie continues to study and research the mystery of the body as an element of nature and as an expression of our humanity with the power to transform society – one being at a time.

Find out more: somaticexpression.com and naturebeingart.org

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