Slow Vinaysa Flow Yoga with Amelia Bernard

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00-10am

Slow Vinaysa Flow  is a class that revolves around the sun salute style of yoga. What makes it gentle is a slightly slower pace with longer holds and I encourage you to nurture when you have that desire. The class is suited for all ages, shapes, and sizes looking to explore the body. It is a flow class so you can expect a fair amount of strengthening poses and there also are many ways to adapt movement to those whose bodies perhaps don’t move the way they used to. It’s a great way to explore and really listen to what’s going on in your body. My teaching is inspired by family and friends around me who choose to keep moving while living with considerable physical challenges. I love to move and I love the idea of our bodies being a playground; We get to move dynamically and creatively and we get to enjoy it, even the challenging aspects, and that’s where we can see amazing growth.

Yoga came into Amelia’s life at a young age. Growing up in rural Northern California she found yoga in high school after a childhood full of dance. In yoga, she saw the strong link between the body and mind was similar to the way she looked at dance and thus the connection was made. Amelia first training was with Amy Sullivan in her Roots and Wings 200-hour yoga training and is currently training with Pete Guinosso in his Lighting the Path towards a 300-hour training. You can expect a flowing vinyasa class with a gentle pace and longer holds giving you time to explore the body and see how the mind relates. Amelia brings classes focused on breath work and themes to ignite the soul as well as intentional sequencing, hands-on adjustment, a few giggles and lots of love and support.