Anatomy of Your Core: A Forrest Yoga Bodywork Experience

Friday September 8th
1pm – 4pm
Carve out the sh*t shellac that may be causing you pain and create new lines of energy through your abdomen, low back, and hips. Increase your intuition and courage! Do you have the guts?
This workshop begins with an core anatomy overview, then an abdominal-building Forrest Yoga “over the roll” class. After a short break, learn more about the psoas and the musculature of the abdomen, then practice myofascial release. The experience ends with a demo of and optional 30-minute hot castor pack treatment for scar tissue and adhesions.
You will leave feeling changed!
3-day pre and post class diet suggestions included.
Make it a 7 day cleanse!
Resolve, restructure, renew.
What to bring:
an extra mat and towel
Castor oil/flannel pack (available at the co-op or online.
grubby change of clothes (castor oil will stain)
a hot water bottle
Cost of class: $80


*** Not for anyone pregnant or less than 2 weeks post abdominal surgery. Great for yoga teachers and anyone with abdominal scars – gall bladder, appendix, caesarean, endometriosis, low back pain, digestive issues and painful intercourse. Be prepared to disclose any issues with teacher and/or group. ***

About the instructor:

Genevieve Shouff, MSc Psychology completed her foundation and advance training with Ana Forrest. With a background in social work and mediation, Genevieve is passionate about working with the outliers, those injured or suffering chronic pain, mental health issues from ages 4-99! Always striving forward, she recently completed her second 100 hour bodywork training with Forrest mentors Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell.

“Forrest Yoga has given me the permission to proudly take up space is this world and step up to the gifts I’ve been given.”