Enter the Mountain Partner Workshop

An afternoon workshop with James Humecky, CMT and Julia M. Landis, MA, CIYT
January 6th, 2018
1pm – 4pm

Through an expanded exploration of Tadasana and related poses from various disciplines (Chi Gong, Martial Arts, Somatic Pilates and Thai Massage) students will gain a refined awareness of and access to their deep core musculature and subtle energetic bodies, in the service of creating a more powerful and natural alignment, core awareness and strength.

One of yoga’s most essential postures, Tadasana, (Mountain Pose) will be broken down into many elements creating a complete somatic awareness of standing meditation, by means of supine elongation, and rotational stretches that facilitate energetic healing and spontaneous movement.

Through a variety of methods, including demonstration, direct hands on adjustment/bodywork from two experienced movement therapists, partner work (bring a friend, or meet one at the workshop, or work with one of the instructors) and moving meditations calling upon basic gestures from dance traditions, participants will discover worlds of strength and gentleness within and a host of gifts the body has to offer when we surrender to the body’s innate wisdom.


Some highlights of this three hour workshop will include:

*Horse stance (horse dance)

*supine and standing core elongation and conditioning work including various gentle articulations and twists, with partner assistance and massage

*Thai massage partner stretches (a gentle and safe form of therapeutic bodywork) in a variety of related asanas and much more!

This will be the first in a carefully developed 3 part workshop series from James and Julia.

Cost: $45

About Julia and James:

James Humecky is a dynamic, hands-on therapeutic bodyworker, teacher and former Marine who has created a unique approach to the cultivation of powerful, body-centered (somatic) self-awareness. Through his whole-body approach James facilitates the integration of all your life experience, building a personal foundation which allows you to live a fluid and resilient life.

James has been a bodyworker since 2004 and he has been teaching Somatic Awareness, massage, movement and meditation classes and workshops for over a decade. He has been studying movement and the body for over 30 years and brings a playful and relaxed style to his teaching, sharing information in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.

Most recently James traveled to Israel to work with  Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers on the West Bank. He was asked to go and do bodywork with the activists, including Ali Abu-Awwad who is the founder of Taghyeer (Change), the Palestinian National Movement for Non-Violent Resistance.

Julia Landis, MA brings to her clients a unique and delightful knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology that teams with proportionate doses of wisdoms from varied streams within eastern and western philosophy including some rare and often considered lost feminine spiritual and medicinal lineages. Retired from many decades long career as a Bay Area based author and body centered therapist, Julia has a healing presence and gentle sense of humor that can help people feel ‘more like themselves’ and comfortable in a workshop setting. As a yogini she draws on various seasons of training including the nurturing kripalu style of hatha yoga and more precision oriented practices such as the Alexander technique, somatic Pilates and the Iyengar based Yoga Therapy tradition. She holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from CIIS, a fellowship in pedagogy from Columbia University and a certification in Yoga Therapy from Integrative Yoga Therapy. She is a graduate of Tufts university in English literature and Italian Renaissance Studies. She is the author of Heart-to-Heart Talk… which is available for purchase at YOMO.