Daniel Paul and Gina Salá in Concert


Thursday, June 22 at 7pm at Yoga Mendocino

Join us for this very special night of musical collaboration and kirtan with Daniel and Gina!

Daniel Paul is an India Fulbright Award winning tabla drummer and graduate of the Ali Akbar College of Music who for more than two decades has been on the front lines of the international kirtan chanting movement as a singing tabla drummer to many of today’s top kirtan singers. From his long association accompanying Grammy nominee Jai Uttal and the exotic global vocalist Gina Salá, Daniel has also toured South America backing the soft prayers of Snatam Kaur and throughout North America contributing to the rocking chants of Dave Stringer and the Guru Ganesha Band.

Daniel has also maintained a varied eclectic career from music director for the Off-Broadway play “Ghashiram Kotwal” to decades of informal kirtan in the jungles and beaches of Maui. From Carnegie Hall to the Waikiki Bandshell, in a cave under old Jerusalem, to the temples and all night music festivals of India. Whether through kirtan, classical sitar and sarod, Kathak dance and bansuri flute recitals or his “Drumming For Everyone” workshops, Daniel continues to introduce new audiences to the magic of the tabla drums around the world.  Visit Daniel’s website here.

Gina Salá is a teacher, performer, and healer who has helped thousands awaken to the power and pleasure of their voices and the magnificence within.  She has been chanting since her early childhood, and she has learned and shared sacred songs, chants, and sound tantra and nada yoga techniques in much of the world.

Gina has a repertoire spanning 23 languages and performance credits include Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, and more.  With warmth, humor, and devotion, she offers Indian classical singing, sanskrit, stories, and sound tantra in classes, CDs, kirtans, and retreats.  Read more about her on her website.

“Kirtan is a vessel that can hold love, longing, union, separation, lust, despair, mourning, anger, hate, sadness, ecstasy, and oneness. Powered by the fire of these emotions, the chants of Bhakti become like a ship, singing us to the other shore. In lightness, in darkness, in despair, in joy we sing the names — The Name — and turn our human hearts toward the One, who is closer to us than our own breath. Kirtan is food for the spirit, a life raft of song.

Kirtan is for all people. There are no masters of kirtan, no experts, no teachers, no advanced students, no beginners. The practice itself is the teacher, guiding us to ourselves. Kirtan teaches itself by allowing us to enter into a mystery world — a world where all the logic of our minds, all the conditioning and learning are left outside — and we allow ourselves to expand into the mystery.” -Jai Uttal

$15 tickets in advance/$20 at the door.  Purchase online, at the studio, by calling 462-2580 or at Mendocino Book Company.