Bend Toward the Sun with Ken Cannata & Iris Padgett

Yoga and Tea Alchemy Returns

Sunday, June 10 from 1pm-5pm

Tea Tasting and Back-Bending Yoga to welcome summer!  Lovingly irradiate the shadow, harness inner brilliance, free excess heat, and heliotropically follow the path of radiance.

A unique take on back-bending and heart-expansion, this workshop welcomes summer by weaving together poetic language from Yogic and Buddhist philosophical texts with biological science and artistic dialogue.  Look forward to bright Hawaiian and local floral tea!

Explore these themes:

  • How are yoga and tea related and how can each evoke a response to the stimulus of light?
  • What do yogis and pollinators have in common?
  • How is the back body important for living from the heart?
  • Why is the shadow so integral in the search for happiness?
  • Where can we find an internal well of sunshine, heat, and inspiration?

Suitable for a variety of levels – back-bending poses will be taught progressively leading to a pinnacle pose and carefully broken down with variations for different levels.  Ken will start us with tea tasting and Iris will lead us in a fun, dynamic practice. Followed by more tea and a deeply restorative cool-down.

If you have questions, please contact Iris at

Fee is $50 in advance; $55 at the door.

Meet your presenters.

Iris is the former Director of Yoga Mendocino and a mental health clinician and therapist in Ukiah.  Her style incorporates philosophical teachings from yoga, mindfulness practices, music, ecology, poetry, lived experience, and modern psychology.  




Ken is a master’s level graduate of Dharma Realm Buddhist University. He provides tea ceremony and tea consultation, imports fine teas and tea wares, and provides educational tea and Buddhist outreach across the US.