An Introduction to Mindfulness Exercises

Adventure Bazaar #6
An Introduction to Mindfulness Exercises

Saturday, May 19 from 1:00-3:00pm
This two-hour introductory session is an informal afternoon of conversation and instruction in basic mindfulness techniques. Taught by Elise Gottherts and Beth Howell, it is for those who are curious about mindfulness and want to understand how it works. Discover why so many people around the world are embracing mindfulness. You will experience how to quiet the mind and be more attentive and aware, how to be more resilient, and how to be more responsive, less reactive! Being mindful in everyday activities will be explored, such as mindful eating, walking and listening. Current studies and research on how mindfulness affects the mind and body will be discussed. The morning will start with brief yoga stretching and a short chanting session to help facilitate presence in the body. Come see what being mindful in everyday life is all about!
10 places available.   $15 each
Pre-register at the studio, by calling 462.2580 or at the door