Board of Directors & Staff

Yoga Mendocino is a nonprofit organization and has a working board that also has tons of fun! If you are interested in serving on our board, please contact us at

Susan Baird Kanaan, Board President


Susan Baird Kanaan, who makes her living as a free-lance writer, moved to Ukiah in late 2001 and was glad to find YoMo soon thereafter. She believes that health involves a combination of body, mind, and spirit, and that a strong community nurtures the health of all its citizens. She joined the Board around 2005 because she sees Yoga Mendocino as a place that nurtures health in all these dimensions and she wanted to be part of that endeavor. Susan was Board President from 2010 until 2013

Cathy Monroe, Board Secretary


Cathy Monroe joined the YoMo board about 3 years ago after retiring from teaching elementary school for over 25 years. A long-time resident of Redwood Valley (graduate of Ukiah), she discovered the yoga here to be invaluable for maintaining her health both mentally, after the stress in the classroom, and physically, after those garden marathon weekends. She supports YoMo in hope that others will discover and receive similar benefits. And it’s such a lovely pause in the day to wish Namaste to those around you.

Valenda Apperson, Board Treasurer

We welcome our new Treasurer. Description and photo to come!

Maggie Norton, Board Member and Studio Co-Founder

Maggie Norton, Co-Founder of Yoga Mendocino, has served on the board for most years of its existence. Maggie has spent over 3 decades in the field of community education and was instrumental in the decision to create ‘YoMo’ as a nonprofit organization. Since moving to Mendocino County she has provided services in yoga, massage therapy, and stress reduction in clinical, community and workplace settings. She continues to feel passionate about ‘YoMo’, our programs and the people we serve.

Margot Winters, Board Member

Margot Winters grew up in NorCal and a few years ago decided to move back to the area. She and her husband considered their options and Ukiah got their vote in part because of Yoga Mendocino. Margot had attended a few ‘YoMo’ classes as a guest and was impressed with the beauty of the studio and the skills of the teachers. Yoga’s been an invaluable part of Margot’s life for several decades as it helps bring physical and mental balance to her life. Margot is grateful for being asked to join the board and hopes that she can help YoMo continue their offerings to our community into the future.

Iris Padgett, Board Member and Programs Manager

Iris Padgett, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is the former director of the studio and current programs managing staff member. She has taught yoga for over a decade, and she is in private psychotherapy practice in Ukiah. Having a lifelong fascination with the human experience, her teaching explores the intersection between Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Iris is particularly influenced by Anusara Yoga and Transpersonal Psychology, and she carries the intention to assist others in opening to the depths of who they really are in life-affirming and mindful ways.

Lori Holaday, Board Member and Fiscal Manager

Lori Holaday has enjoyed the benefits of yoga for nearly 40 years.  She finds a regular yoga practice to be the foundation for integrating mind, body and spirit in these busy, stressful times. Her connection to Yoga Mendocino was forged while working for Mendocino County’s Adult and Aging Services.  Teacher and fellow Board member, Maggie Norton’s lunch time yoga offering was a life saver!  Since retiring, Lori’s life is filled with friends, family, enjoying her grown children, grandchildren, her home near Todd Grove Park and traveling with her husband. Lori is humbled and honored to be a part of the Yomo Board and looks forward to continuing support of programs that nurture both the individual and community.